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PostSubject: MUGEN   Wed May 14, 2008 2:48 pm

D2 ko na lang ilalagay yng MUGEN Saber para di ma-OT yng Fate/Stay Night thread ok?

MUGEN <===== Download here

MUGEN: Open Source Fighting Game to pra sa Windows. Bale Pede gumawa ang player ng kanyang original characters o kaya magdownload sa internet.

Activating a MUGEN character:
1. Copy your downloaded character's folder into MUGEN\Chars Folder
2. Go to the Data folder (address: MUGEN\Data)
3. Open the Select DEF file. Find [Characters] entry. There will be detailed instructions on activating your new MUGEN character.
4. The point is for you to enter your character's name in a list where you can find kfm (Kung Fu Man)
then put "," after your character's name.


kfm, stages/kfm.def

IZARC extractor<=GCA File kasi yng Saber.. Para siyang ZIP file.. maliban na lang kung may GCA extractor ka na (IZARC Extractor)

Saber <= Saber na GCA file (Saber Character for MUGEN)

SaberCMD <= Kelangan ilagay sa Saber folder pra magamit ang "Avalon"

Maraming pang characters na pde ilagay at gamitin sa MUGEN. Mula sa Arcade hanggang Anime~~ Kahit ano

So there ~ Plug and Play lang
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Insecurity Kills
Insecurity Kills

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PostSubject: Re: MUGEN   Sun May 25, 2008 11:38 pm

If I download teh first link, will I be able to install it in my PC? Sorry for teh noob question. XD
Is the first link the link to the installer download?

Waa. XD

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